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Understanding Virginia Hands-Free Driving Laws

May 17, 2024
In recent years, there have been rising concerns about distracted driving – In particular, the use of cell phones (and other handheld devices) while driving.  In 2021, the Virginia General Assembly responded by passing significant updates to the Virginia cell phone law. Now, it’s illegal to hold a cell phone while driving, except for rare […]

Types of Burn Injuries And When To Call a Lawyer

May 1, 2024
Burn injuries are among the most gruesome, painful, and traumatic injuries you can ensure. They’re not just painful – They can also lead to devastating financial pitfalls, countless hours negotiating with insurers, and unbelievable levels of stress.  Understanding the various types of burn injuries, their impact, and when to call a burn injury lawyer is […]

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Virginia?

April 24, 2024
Motorcycle accidents can result in serious, sometimes fatal injuries. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash in Virginia, it’s absolutely crucial to understand Virginia motorcycle laws—especially those about lane splitting—to determine liability and protect your rights. If you’ve suffered injuries due to lane splitting, contact us to speak with a Virginia motorcycle accident attorney […]

Who Pays For My Rental Car After A Collision in Virginia?

April 17, 2024
Car accidents are stressful enough – And that’s before considering the added hassle of securing alternative modes of transportation while your vehicle undergoes repairs, and it’s an absolute headache.  That said, if the accident wasn’t caused by your negligence, you shouldn’t have to shoulder the costs of a rental car. In this blog post, we’ll […]

Top Law Firms in Virginia By Practice Area

April 10, 2024
Choosing the right law firm can be the difference between disappointment and a successful outcome  in your case. WIth that in mind, Virginia is home to many excellent firms, each with its unique strengths, weaknesses, and specialties.  In this guide we’ll outline some of the best law firms in VA across various practice areas to […]

Can I Still Sue After a Car Accident With No Police Report?

April 3, 2024
The short answer is yes. While having a police report is incredibly helpful for your car accident claim, you can still pursue compensation for a minor car accident even if you didn’t call the police at the time. However, there are many reasons why obtaining a police report can help your car accident attorney build […]

2024 Virginia Car Seat Laws

March 27, 2024
Unfortunately, car accidents are the second leading cause of injury and death for children in the U.S. The good news is, there are ways you can significantly reduce your child’s risk of injury. The first step is using a car seat that’s correctly installed.  Virginia has specific car seat laws that all parents and caregivers […]

6 Symptoms to Look For After a Fall

March 20, 2024
Falls, even seemingly minor ones, can cause a surprising, and sometimes devastating range of injuries. While some injuries are obvious (i.e., minor back injuries), others might appear a bit more subtle or delayed.  Recognizing these concerning signs after a slip and fall accident is absolutely crucial for preventing worse outcomes and getting the medical care […]

5 Steps to Take After An Airplane Accident Injury

March 13, 2024
From commercial airlines to private planes to helicopter crashes, aviation accidents can be absolutely devastating. Regardless of the circumstances, the aftermath of a plane crash can leave victims and their families facing complex legal issues. That’s in addition to the physical and emotional trauma.  If you or a loved one have been involved in an […]

What is Bobtailing and How Can It Cause Truck Accidents?

March 6, 2024
Trucking is an integral part of our logistics and supply chain, but with it also comes unique risks – Which is especially true when it involves bobtailing. Understanding what bobtailing is and how it can contribute to serious road accidents is crucial for all road users, including everyday drivers.  If you’ve been injured by a […]

5 Signs You Need a Hospital Malpractice Lawyer

February 28, 2024
Each time you visit a hospital, you put your trust in its facilities, practices, and medical staff, including nurses and doctors. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always lead to a positive outcome. Medical malpractice occurs when these entities fail to act under the prevailing professional standards or fail to foresee consequences that a professional person, having the […]

When to Call a Virginia Bus Accident Lawyer

February 21, 2024
Bus accidents can result in devastating injuries, costly medical bills, and extreme stress. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to determine who’s at fault or who you should seek damages from.  Depending on the circumstances, and extent of your injuries, you may need the legal support of an experienced bus accident attorney to help you hold […]

New Driving Laws in Virginia 2024

February 14, 2024
Staying on top of the latest driving laws in VA isn’t always easy. However, if you don’t, it could result in costly tickets, license suspension, or even impoundment of your vehicle. In this post, we dive into some of the new laws taking effect in 2024 as well discuss a few important driving laws in […]

“You Can’t Get Nowhere with a Thousand-Dollar Saddle on a Ten-Dollar Horse.”

September 15, 2023
“You can’t get nowhere with a thousand-dollar saddle on a ten-dollar horse.” That line comes from a story that Gerry Spence is known to share: Uncle Slim points to a dude in the corral trying to saddle a beaten-up horse with a fancy saddle, made of black leather lined with silver. Slim turns to Spence and […]

Learn From Everyone

September 15, 2023
The Courtroom Deputies placed their bets. And they got it right. I found out after a recent trial that the Courtroom Deputies accurately predicted the verdict. Impressive, but not surprising. The Deputies are in court every day. They watch case after case, lawyer after lawyer, and they know what the Judge will do better than […]

You Need a Lawyer With Grit

September 15, 2023
There is one thing that separates good from great. Grit. All great trial lawyers have it. “Great trial lawyers did not become great overnight. They are gritty individuals who often lost in their early careers and did not lose sight of the long-term goal of improving and learning from each loss. They were not easily […]

Experience Matters

September 15, 2023
You are standing in the middle of the courtroom. The jury is staring at you. And the judge is waiting. What you decide to do next matters. And it is informed not just by the few weeks of preparation you did for that case, but by that preparation AND who you have become as a […]

Prepare For Trial – Nothing Else Matters

September 15, 2023
If you try cases, only five things matter. Everything else is a distraction. 1. Jury Selection 2. Opening Statement 3. Direct Examinations 4. Cross-Examinations 5. Closing Argument That’s it. Effective trial lawyers approach everything that they do with an eye towards those five things. There really is no need to get lost in the pretrial […]

Judges Are People Too

September 15, 2023
“You’re doing too much; it’s just a bench trial.” Wrong. A bench trial is still a trial: opening statement, direct examinations, cross examinations, and closing argument. Judges are people too. They make decisions just like jurors, so it is in our client’s benefit to approach bench trials the same way we approach jury trials. As […]

ChatGPT Will Never Replace The Trial Lawyer

September 15, 2023
Sorry, ChatGPT. You can’t replace the trial lawyer. There will always be a need for those willing to stand up in a courtroom. For those who advocate on behalf of others. And for those who bring humanity to our justice system. There will always be a need for the trial lawyer. Tools like ChatGPT will […]

We Are Safety Attorneys

September 15, 2023
“What about the next person?” A few weeks ago, a family member was injured. On the way to get a coffee, they tripped and fell on uneven sidewalk. It did damage: bleeding, bruising, and a concussion. And there is still a scar. It is a highly trafficked area. And, after investigating, we learned that multiple […]

The Supreme Court and a Sick Giraffe

September 15, 2023
“If a sign at the entrance to a zoo says ‘come see the elephant, lion, hippo, and giraffe,’ and a temporary sign is added saying ‘the giraffe is sick,’ you would reasonably assume that the others are in good health.” N.L.R.B. v. SW Gen., Inc., 137 S. Ct. 929, 940 (2017) (Roberts, J.). That is the […]

Liability Drives Damages

September 15, 2023
Last fall, Ryan Walker and I tried a personal injury case, and when moving an exhibit into evidence, the Judge unintentionally gave us one of the best compliments we have ever received: “Commonwealth (aka, the Prosecution) Exhibit 1” Liability (and the defense’s failure to admit liability) drives damages. Why did a Texas jury come back […]

“Juries are not leaves swayed by every breath.”

September 15, 2023
As Judge Learned Hand explained nearly 100 years ago, “Juries are not leaves swayed by every breath.” Take a second to think about that. Yes, how you frame a case matters. Yes, the evidence the jury hears and sees matters. And, yes, the specific wording you use matters. But, to win at trial, you do […]

The Elephant Decides The Case

September 15, 2023
Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist, explains: “The mind is divided, like a rider on an elephant, and the rider’s job is to serve the elephant.” The rider represents reason, and the elephant represents emotion. Despite our best efforts in the courtroom, the elephant decides the case: “Perched atop the Elephant, the Rider holds the reins […]

Community Safety and Justice for Victims

September 15, 2023
Before I started plaintiff’s personal injury work, I spent a year at the local prosecution office. It was an awesome job. I loved working to make the community safer and helping victims get justice. (And the people I worked with were great: my colleagues, our staff, the police, the defense bar, and the court). And […]

Sharif Gray Featured on Trial Lawyers Notebook

September 15, 2023
Michael Waddington of Trial Lawyers Notebook interviewed Sharif Gray. Here is the video:

So You’re Going to be a Lawyer: Advice for Your Future Self

May 9, 2023
Your mind is made up. You’re going to try your hand at law. I commend you; it will not be easy, but I guarantee you will be better prepared if you follow the below advice. 1. Work for your GPA and master the LSAT to get into a “good” law school. Your GPA represents your […]